6 Fantastic Reasons for Having Your Car or Truck’s Windows Tinted

6 Fantastic Reasons for Having Your Car or Truck’s Windows Tinted

If you own a car or truck, you more than likely have contemplated personalizing it as per your choices and preferences. If that’s the case, you have lots of options taking into consideration that vehicles can be personalized in a whole host of ways, to meet the owners’ likings. 

From track-suitable tires to engine upgrades and turbochargers, the options are inexhaustible. Well, the question of which modifications are legal and which ones aren’t will often come up once in a while. However, the main trick when making modifications to your car is to ensure that you follow the set rules and guidelines. 


One of the most common and legal modifications in the majority of cases and locations is window tinting. Frisco window tint serves it’s area and near by location the tint services our customers need. While not so many car owners give serious thought to the modification, there are various advantages for getting your car or truck’s windows tinted as discussed below:


1.   Increased Privacy 

Privacy is a great aspect of driving that you may not pay much attention to until someone takes advantage of your lack of privacy. If you live or often travel to highly-populated areas, you should appreciate the importance of tinting your car for privacy reasons. 

The window films prevent prying eyes from seeing what’s beyond the windows, and that’s important if you have valuables in the car. With tinted windows, burglars will be less tempted to break into your car mainly because they are not sure whether there is an occupant in the car and whether the car has any valuables. 


2.   Heat protection

If you’ve left your car in the sun, you know how hot the interior can get. While regular car windows filter only about 30% of solar heat, tinted windows achieve as much as 80% filtration. Keeping the heat out if your car is good for your comfort as well as fuel economy, as you’ll barely have to use your AC. 


3.   Enhance car safety

Tinting films for car windows are laminates, and what that means for your car is that they can hold the windows together if the windows are impacted in an accident.  That’s good for the occupants of a car since it reduces the probability of having pieces flying everywhere in case of an accident. 


4.   Health benefits

While driving around in a tinted car does not improve your health magically, it goes a long way towards reducing exposure to elements that can put your health at risk. You’ve already heard that exposure to UV rays from the sun increases the risk of suffering skin cancer. 

The good thing is that you can lower the probability of being affected by skin cancer by filtering out as much UV rays from your car’s interior as possible – tinting your car does the trick. 


5.   Protect the car’s interior

Other than your skin, your car’s interior is also damaged by sunlight. Too much heat from the sun, as well as ultraviolet rays, causes leather to dry out and crack. Fading of the colours in your car’s interior are also signs of too much sunlight. 

Even if you feel like you may not be bothered by how your car looks after it’s exposed to too much sunlight, keep in mind that aesthetics can affect your car’s resale price. Even if you don’t wish to have darkened windows, you could still go for clear films that filter out UV rays from entering your car, keeping the interior looking as good as new. 


6.   Reduced glare 

Finally, tinting your car or truck’s windshield and windows can go a long way towards reducing glare. Keeping the sunlight away from your eyes reduces the probability of causing accidents caused by bad vision. If you don’t feel like tinting the whole windshield, you can as well tint only the top part to reduce the blinding. 


Final thoughts,

Getting your car or truck’s windows tinted is tied to various benefits, most of which the majority of motorists don’t pay enough attention to. The choice of whether or not you would like to tint your windows remains a personal choice, all the same. If, however, you are interested in enjoying the benefits discussed above, you should consider having your windows tinted. You can give us a call @ (469) 378 – 9907