A Brief Guide To The Best Types Of Window Tints

There are various types of window tints available on the market that you ought to be familiar with. And this guide will help you understand all the diverse types and the best one for you. Every person wishes to have natural light in their home. It offers your home a beautiful appearance, and it is perfect for you. But which is the best way to achieve it? Windows!

Although a well-windowed house comes with a plethora of benefits, there also comes a range of potential risks that are worth considering. For each extra window at your apartment, you can also increase energy costs, heat build-up, glare, and the degradation of furniture and spread throughout the sitting room.

To help you curb these potential risks and optimize your home, our staff at Frisco Window Tint company are proud to offer a wide range of proven window tint services. Irrespective of the type of your needs, our specialists are eager, well equipped, and ready to offer the best solutions. Continue reading this article to learn the best and different types of window tint.



Dual reflective tints
This type of tint has a blue-ish grey hue and can work in two diverse ways, increasing exterior reflectivity and lowering interior reflectivity. It is often utilized for commercial apartments. However, it can also be a great choice for residential settings.


Ceramic window tints
These offer significantly low external reflectivity and are usually a great option for residential buildings near coastal regions. They are corrosion-resistant and may even reject nearly ninety-nine percent of Ultra-violet rays.


Energy effective tints
“Eco” window tints are perfect for property owners looking forward to having an energy-effective house. During the winter seasons, they assist in keeping the heat in, while in summer, they assist in keeping it out.


Security tints
These are incredible ways to protect against crime, vandalism, and weather. They are made of massive polyester bonded with sturdy adhesives and offer significant damage control.


Neutral tints
Just as the name suggests, neutral tints are an incredible, intentional option for homeowners looking to evade solid tint color tones. They provide low reflectivity and are incredible for creating a “showroom” atmosphere.


Exterior tints
Exterior window tints are customarily applied to the internal part of a window. However, in circumstances where preexisting windows appear to deteriorate, these tints help to block Ultra-Violet rays, glare, and heat to increase window durability moving forward.


Ceramic and Metal mix tints
These have low reflectivity- both exterior and interior- and help to control glare and reject heat. They offer a balanced solution for all types of settings.

Spectrally-selective tints

These are significantly invisible and perform just like the term suggests. They block particular sections of the solar spectrum while letting the other parts flow right via your window. Essentially, this means that your windows will continue to let the flow of natural light into your house while actively discarding heat.So, which are the best types of window tints? How do you decide on the best types of window tint for your house? Always consider your regional climate, goals, and location. You can also send an email or call us! We are proud to make your dreams come true.