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Common Commercial Tinting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Commercial Tinting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Common Commercial Tinting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Tinting is not only done to cars but also the windows of a building. Office windows can be tinted to give a corporate look to the office. In addition, it reduces utility costs. Further, tinting keeps employees from external distractions thus improving their concentration hence a good work output.

Installing window tints ought to be done by professionals to ensure the avoidance of unnecessary mistakes. The installation process is often consuming, in terms of time, labor, and cost. 



The following are the most common mistakes during the installation of window tints, and their solutions:



1. Failure of Choosing right Window Tint

The priority when choosing window tint should be identifying the reason for tinting the windows. With this in mind, it becomes easier to select the tint that will help achieve the main goal. The following are the main window tints to choose from:

  • Heat reduction window tints
  • Heat reduction window tints
  • Privacy window tints
  • Security window tints
  • UV protection window tints

After that, start narrowing down to the amount of brightness, length among others. The window tint should leave a distinct look in the office.



2. Failure to Thoroughly Cross-examining the Window Film Service

Hiring a professional person who will install the window tint should be the next step. Be wary of hiring people who brand themselves as experts yet they do not have real experience and some do shoddy work.


Ensure that you have good background information before hiring. Getting referrals from people you trust is something you should consider. Another way to get around “experts” is to search about them on online platforms such as Google, Yelp, among others.



3. Maintenance of The Window Tint

Window tints require maintenance such as cleaning. Some window tints need to be cleaned with special products and specialized procedures as well. It is therefore advisable to familiarise yourself with the different maintenance requirements of the different window tints. Afterward, you can choose the window tint that will be most comfortable.



4. The lighting of the Office Space

There is a mentality that the darker the window tint the greater the protection against UV rays. However, this is not usually the case because UV rays come in handy in keeping your office’s interior warm.


The dark window tints could be appropriate when you want to achieve privacy, especially in open layout offices. They can also be used in hot areas to reduce glare.



5. A Cheap and Appealing Quote

Everyone aims at saving wherever and whenever possible. However, this can often lead to the work not be done up to the expected standards and more money could later be used to do repair works. It is therefore important to hire quality commercial tinting service providers while still being conscious of the budget.



6. Skipping warranty

Professional commercial tint providers should bring along their warranty. This means that they are liable for errors that might arise along and are within the warranty period. It is also important to read the terms and conditions provided.

Beware of those companies that do not provide warrant protection.



7. Trying to Install the Window Tint

Window tints might seem like an easy task and some people may do it. Sometimes this is good since the hiring cost have been cut off. Installation problems are also avoided and work is done to the standard.


However, the challenging part is when the installation is not done well and mistakes are discovered later. Correcting the mistake and removing the window films is hard. Instead of undergoing such issues, it is advisable to hire an experienced window tint installer to do the work.



8. Not Being Available During Installation

The availability of the owner during the installation process is key. It does not necessarily mean they lack trust or supervision purposes but ensures that the key details are adhered to.


Ensure that the window tints are not left hanging and there are no bubbles between the window tint and the window itself. The owner should also make sure the window tints are fitted exactly keeping the correct measurements.



In Conclusion

Commercial window tinting is a good idea since it gives your office a good look and improves the work input and output. The common mistakes that people make include failure to choose the right window tint, falling for cheap quotes among others. Another common mistake is failing to choose the right commercial window tinter.


We can help solve these at Frisco Window Tint. We offer these and more services when it comes to commercial window tints. For more information contact us or call us at (469) 444-9551.