As with most things, wear and tear happens to even the most high-quality tints. After prolonged exposure to harsh weather, tint naturally starts to fade, peel and curl up on the edges, robbing your car of that elegant, clean look. Distorted tinting stemming from aging and exposure to severe weather can cause visual impairment on the road, consequentially leading to an accident with fatalities.


Due to the peeling it also gets cumbersome to roll your windows up and down, which should be effortless. After noticing these small but crucial changes in your windows tint, it’s imperative to take action and replace them with simple DIY tools or engage a professional altogether to remedy the problem.


Side windows
Window tint removal is not complicated, and there are several techniques available depending on the duration of the tint on your window and how they were installed. The adhesive used during the coating process wears over time and hardens, forming crystals that make it harder to remove. The best approach is to employ a technique that will leave your windows clean and unscraped devoid of scratches. Our recommended removal method usually starts with spraying detergent water over the proposed window or careful application using a soft sponge.


After this initial step, we recommend covering with a piece of newspaper and letting it cure for an hour. However, after every twenty-minute interval, we recommend reapplying the soapy mixture to the window. It will allow gradual water leakage onto the window through the newspaper, thus loosening the tint film. After one hour, use a razor blade to scrape off the tint but if it hasn’t slackened, try reapplying the soapy water again until satisfactorily loose. The film comes off, and you need to wash off the window using soapy water and make sure to do so under a shade.


Rear glass
Clearing rear windows off of tint proves a little of a chore, and this is always due to filaments embedded in the window glass. Heater elements and antennas also pose a challenge since you don’t want to damage them by scraping them. The tint needs to come off as a single piece to overcome this tricky process, and to do so, it requires a steaming approach first. It would help if you had a plastic bag of equal dimensions to the window and, after spraying with the soapy water, cover the interior side and leave it to air dry in the sun for 15 minutes. After sitting in the sun, peeling off the whole tint is effortless; after removing the stain, clean with water solution and fine steel wool gently, barely making contact.


It is recommendable to let professionals handle this work to save the risk of damaging, scraping, or chipping off the glass. Frisco Window Tint has a long-standing reputation for tint removal, installation, and replacement with our trained experts. We provide high-quality tint service in Nevada and Clark County, having been around professionally for a few years with good reviews from our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us online using our online contact form if you require any of our tint installation, removal, or replacement services.