Frisco Window Tinting takes pride in ensuring that all its customers experience the best value from our auto window tinting services. As a result, we have put together a detailed window tinting aftercare guide to ensure that your installation serves you to your expectations and lasts for years to come. Therefore, read along to find out how you can enhance the quality and longevity of your car window tint installation.

How Long Should You Wait For Your Auto Window Film to Dry?

Our experts recommend waiting for at least 30 days for your installed window film to dry. During this period, your window may appear bubbly or hazy. Therefore, you should not worry about these imperfections. Nonetheless, do not roll down your windows or clean them because you can interfere with the setting.

What is the Best Solution to Clean Tinted Car Windows?

You can use any cleaning solution to clean our window films, including popular detergents and window cleaning products. However, remember to use white paper towels from popular brands to clean your windows’ dust, dirt, and grime. Furthermore, it would be best never to use brown and recycled paper towels or newspapers to clean your tinted windows because these products can scratch their surface.

You are free to take your car to a car wash after our window tinting installation because our professionals install the tint from inside your vehicle. However, if you have just installed a paint protection film, it is advisable to wait for up to two weeks before washing your car to avoid ruining the film.


Total consumer satisfaction is one of our top priorities because we focus on retaining our consumers. Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of our work, imperfections are inevitable because of environmental factors like dust and dirt. However, metal deposits, pre-existing scratches, and holes are still visible on your window after the tint installation. Therefore, do not be disappointed with these blemishes. We will try our best to make your windows look neat.

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle before the tint is installed to minimize the appearance of these imperfections. Consequently, a clean car enables us to offer superior-quality auto film installation. Nevertheless, it is better to seek our services when your vehicle is still new for a flawless installation.

Moreover, you should note that metal rubs, also known as silver streaks resulting from the impact of metals rubbing on your glass, may become more visible after the film installation.

Additionally, you may notice too much light reflecting through your defogger on your rear window. Although the light intensity may vary, blocking it out is impossible because our films bend to accommodate your defoggers. However, they will not interfere with your security or driving.

Does the 3M Warranty Cover Seat Belt Chips?

You should ensure that you are careful with your seat belt when releasing it from its plug because the 3M warranty does not cover chips on your film due to being hit by the buckle.

Our 3M Window Film Options

Selecting a perfect window film for your car windows is exceptionally easy because we offer reliable advice. Frisco Window Tinting currently specializes in obsidian, colour-stable, and crystalline film installation. However, you can access other options depending on your preferences.

If you need additional information about getting the best value out of your car tint installation, you can browse through our website or contact us at (469) 444-9551.

We appreciate that you trust us with your auto window film installation and pledge to do our best to keep you satisfied. For more window tinting services for your commercial space, residential premises, or automotive, keep us in mind, and we will be happy to deliver.